Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

Bellaterra, Spain

Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona

The UAB is a public university, and a young one too (we have only just celebrated our first half century of life). It is full of energy, of ideas and of an innovative spirit, a ‘disruptor’, not afraid to take risks in teaching, in research and in knowledge transfer to society. It is rooted in and committed to its country and, at the same time, is open to the world, optimistic in spite of all the adversities that we are now going through, and with the fullest confidence in knowledge, in science and in technical know-how as instruments for building a better, more liveable and much fairer world.

The UAB is among the best young universities in the world; within this group, it stands out through its research and its capacity to establish collaborative networks with the best international research groups. At the same time, those of us who work here are convinced that without its students, the University loses its true raison d’être; for this reason, we will all our efforts will be directed towards providing quality teaching, to providing training the finest professionals, towards helping those people who spend time in our classrooms and lecture halls to become citizens with solid democratic values, people with a sense of solidarity, open-minded, willing to listen to other points of view, but also endowed with the capacity to critically evaluate the world around them, the society in which they live, the institutions that govern them, and to act accordingly.

We invite you all to get to know us, to get to know the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and to experience this university intensely.

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