Universidad de Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Universidad de Barcelona

Closely linked to Barcelona and Catalonia, it combines traditional values with innovation, quality and inclusion. Nearly seven thousand square metres of developed space are available to the largest university community in Catalonia.
The University of Barcelona has sixteen faculties, as the core of academic activity. Research, teaching, knowledge transfer and bridges with the production sector and technological world were also strengthened . Ten affiliated centres and a doctoral school through which all its academic programmes are run. It also has a Science Park, a Science and Technology Centre service, seventeen research institutes, over five hundred research groups and nearly six thousand researchers.
With sixteen libraries and a hundred thousand square metres dedicated to health and sport, the University of Barcelona offers a wide range of services.

The University of Barcelona is currently made up of a community of over seventy thousand people, including students, faculty and administrative and services staff. Its structure comprises sixteen faculties organized among six campuses, the Barcelona Science Park and nine affiliated centres. It is the second largest university in Spain, and holds one of the highest positions in international rankings, where it often appears as the top institution in the country.

Within this framework, the University aims to respond to the needs of society, and has adapted its bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programmes to the European Higher Education Area.

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